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Before purchasing your new fur baby there are a few bare essentials you MUST have before you purchase your sugar glider. This list is the things you MUST purchase BEFORE you purchase you new baby!!

1.) Cage: Make sure the cage is large enough for your new baby to jump                        and glide. They need to have enough room to play. Large flight                      cages with 1/2 inch bar spacing is ideal but if you do not have the                  room for such a large cage please make sure it is no smaller than                    24" x 16" x 24"H. 

2.) Sleeping Pouch: Your new furbaby will need to have a place to sleep. I                                        have these for sale!!!

3.) Water Bottle: Your new furbaby will need a water bottle to drink from. I                                does not have to be that big because they do not drink                                      that much and you need to give them fresh water often so                                they never finish the bottle before the time you should                                      wash and give them fresh water. Also, your new baby can                                  drown in the smallest amount of water so a water dish is a                                BIG NO NO!!

4.) Food Bowls: Your glider will need bowls to eat from. I have                                                      several bowls for my babies. I have a dry food bowl (that                                    should be kept full at all times) that attaches to the side of                                the cage so it can not be dumped. I also have a meal worm                              bowl (they have a lip so the worms can't crawl out) for the                                days you feed them their worms. And finally I have a fruits                                and veggie bowl.

5.) Bonding Pouch: You will need something to transport your baby home                                        in that zippers shut! Your glider will need to bond with                                      you and having this pouch for them to bond with you                                        is a MUST! I also have these for sale!!

The list above is the bare essentials you will need BEFORE you pick up your new addition to the family!! There are also several other things that you should have for your new baby but they are not as essential as the list above and can be purchased after your baby but keep in mind they are still essential to a happy critter!

1.) Exercise wheel: I use silent runners. They are more expensive but you                                        get what you pay for!! I chose these wheels after                                                  purchasing many different wheels and found these to                                        be the best for several reasons... as the name states they                                    are much quieter than other wheels and because your                                        new baby should be where there is a lot of people for                                        them to interact with (mine are in my living room) there                                    are times that a noisy wheel can be a nuisance like                                              when you are trying to watch TV.  Another reason I                                            chose this wheel is because they have interchanging                                          piece like a sandy trimmer track to trim your gliders                                            nails every couple of weeks for a few days. If their nails                                      get too long it can do damage to them as well as scratch                                    you up when trying to hold them. They also have a self                                      cleaning track that has holes in it and does not get as                                        messy and stinky as quickly. The final reason I chose                                          this wheel is because you can actually buy parts for it if                                      it does break for some reason and will not have to buy                                      the whole wheel again!!!!

Toys: Gliders love to play!!! They are use to being in large colonies in the                 wild so they should always have a cage mate in addition toys that                   can keep them busy and happy. They like some bird toys that can                   hang from the cage or even cat toys like balls with bells in them or                 even little pet safe stuffed animals. Every morning I always have to                 get their cat balls out of the food dishes (I swear they play basketball             when I am sleeping) and their little stuffies are all over the place. I                 watch them drag them up the ladders and pushing them around the             cage. 

Cage Mate: I want to continue to elaborate on a point I briefly touched                               base with above. Sugar Gliders are use to being in large                                     colonies in the wild and need a companion. They should be                             purchased in pairs because being alone can cause them to be                         depressed. If for some reason you cannot purchase them in a                           pair you need to spend a lot of time with them daily!!!!! I still                           strongly suggest finding your new baby a cage mate as soon as                       possible but until you do AGAIN you MUST spend a lot of time                         with your glider DAILY. This is where your bonding pouch                                 comes in handy!! You can put them in the pouch, zipper it                               closed and go about your daily routine and it will sleep in the                           pouch and bond with you by smell.

This page is to help anyone that is thinking about purchasing a new baby for their family. I myself have turned people down and would not sell them a glider until they did more research and had the necessary items for his or her new furbaby! I do not do this to be mean but my gliders are a part of my family and want to make sure they are going to a good loving home that has the essential to take care of their new addition to the family. I am here 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any questions you may have even after the sale. I do not care if it is 3am you can call me if you have any questions or concerns because I am here for the well being of the glider at any time of day or night!!!

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